By Frances Fricker, Fintech Solutions, Railsbank.

Here’s the thing. Discussions around mental health, once an uncomfortable topic, have now been thrown under a magnifying glass and for a very good reason. Safe to say that most people have questioned their mental health at some point over the last year, I know I have.

And these worries manifest themselves in many ways. Metro‘s Mentally Yours podcast and Toluna surveyed 1,000 people and reported an alarming 77% of British residents said they have felt stressed about money. …

By David Ridgway, Head of UK & Europe Business Development, Railsbank.

In the battle for the consumer’s hearts and minds, the smartphone app has become the marketer’s weapon of choice, but what happens when the market becomes overcrowded and confused?

The average smartphone is nowadays peppered with so many apps, it resembles the Suez canal after a container ship has illegally parked, and this is making it hard for brands to get the attention they need. …

This week we spoke to Erik Seveke, founder and CEO at SimpledCard, to understand their journey, the reality of running a business during COVID-19, and what he sees as the future of fintech.

When was SimpledCard set up, and who was involved?
SimpledCard was founded in 2014. Together with my business partner Yvo Gortemaker we brought together a team with over 25 years of experience in finance and custom software development. We had worked with many finance departments and found that they were struggling with controlling their spend.

Who exactly is your audience?
We work with finance teams of medium-sized businesses…

By Heather Ribbans, Head of Partnership Sales at Railsbanks

As defined by the United Nations Framework on Climate Change (UNFCCC), ‘Climate Finance’ is “finance that aims at reducing emissions and enhancing sinks of greenhouse gases and aims at reducing the vulnerability of, and maintaining and increasing the resilience of, human and ecological systems to negative climate change impacts”. That’s a mouthful! In short: finance that reduces humanity’s impact on the planet. And it’s a hot trend here to stay.

At the 2015 Paris Conference of Parties (an event also known as COP 21), the world’s leaders, from national governments to…

Islamic banking and finance is becoming a space that more and more fintechs are exploring. We spoke to Hassan Waqar, Founder of MoneeMint, to discuss creating a digital bank for the Muslim community, the importance of building the right team, and some ideas on steering a business through COVID-19.

When was MoneeMint set up, and who was involved?

MoneeMint is a soon to be digital ethical Islamic bank in the UK. We have been going since 2019 where we have brainstormed many different product ideas which may potentially help our target audience in achieving their financial goals. I set up MoneeMint myself and very quickly the team expanded and…

We spoke to Founder of our customer SPARQ Danila Belokons to discuss their COVID-19 experience, the future of fintech, and the highs and lows of his company’s journey.

Founder Danila B

When was SPARQ set up, and who was involved?

The main idea of SPARQ came into sight in 2018 when the gap between Fintech and Traditional Banking sector became very noticeable because of the rise of bank challengers and neobanks. The project is led by fintech innovator and enthusiast Danila Belokons whose life has been connected with banking since childhood.

Who exactly is your audience?

Sparq is developing a unique product that will include various gamification techniques and UX designs to keep our main audience intact…

We sat down to talk to Boris Dyakonov, Co-founder of ANNA Money, about the company’s journey so far, what their biggest challenges have been, and his ideas about the fintech industry’s future.

Boris Dyakonov

Why did you set up ANNA Money?

All of us in creating ANNA Money had done SME types of business admin and banking businesses in other countries. It led us to realise that UK entrepreneurs are severely under-served, and that it was a great place and a great opportunity to create value.

Who exactly is your audience?

We have all kinds of businesses from all the UK, different types and backgrounds, such as entrepreneurs and sole traders.

Can you share any stumbling blocks that were experienced in the early days?

We had several…

We spoke to Aidan McAllister, Co-Founder, at GuardianCard to understand their journey, the reality of running a business during COVID-19, and what they see as the future of fintech.

When was GuardianCard set up, and who was involved?

GuardianCard was born following a chance conversation by Nick Thompson and myself, our passion lies in building a platform that offers peace of mind and security for all involved, whilst allowing the older generation to retain their financial independence.

Following significant investment to bring GuardianCard to market, we have ambitious plans to grow to 100,000 members over the next five years.

We know that supporting and caring for an older loved…

So, what would the women of Railsbank have said to their younger selves?

To celebrate International Women’s Day, they came together to share the experiences of being a female professional within the financial services industry and to think about the advice they would now give, starting out on their careers.

This week we spoke to Tim Brown, Co-Founder at Kroo, to understand their journey, the reality of running a business during COVID-19, and what they see as the future of fintech.

When was Kroo set up, and who was involved?

The idea of Kroo came about by Nazim, our CEO, and myself, at a coffee shop in 2015. We shared our frustrations about our day-to-day life. Particularly when it came to finances. Like most people, we socialise with friends and family on a regular basis, share the cost for group meals, and pay up-front for shared holidays.

We both expressed…


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