This week we spoke to Dermot Griffin, CEO of CUSOP, to understand their journey of creating the MYCU brand, the reality of running a business during COVID-19, and what they see as the future of fintech.

CUSOP is a credit union owned payments service provider, we were established under trust by the Irish League of Credit Unions.

The MYCU audience is all credit union members and those who wish to become credit union members and therefore, the MYCU Current Account and Debit Card has been designed by credit unions for credit union members.

The MYCU offering means members no longer…

This week, we sat down with some of the ladies leading the way at Railsbank, to discuss the challenges of returning to work after an extended break and to hear some top tips!

What struggles did you face when you began the process of returning to work?

Karine :

When I decided to return to work, I initially chose to go back to my previous role as an Investment Advisor in Private Banking. I had to weigh the pros and cons, as I knew I was committing to working long hours again, but I was ready for it.

As I…

by Tiburcio Sanz, Head of Fintech Solutions at Railsbank

Cuando pensamos en Banking as a Service, inmediatamente nos remitimos a compañías ágiles capaces de ofrecer soluciones dinámicas que generan experiencias únicas para sus usuarios.

Algunas de las razones de la revolución fintech fueron las ideas de romper con la burocracia ineficaz de los bancos tradicionales y remover la rigidez de estas instituciones financieras que no se ponen al servicio del usuario.

Sin embargo, para poder generar servicios realmente ágiles que respondan a las necesidades de los usuarios, es similar a la analogía del cisne. …

by Tiburcio Sanz, Head of Fintech Solutions at Railsbank

When we hear about Banking-as-a-Service, we immediately think of agile companies offering nimble solutions and continuously developing tailored user experiences.

One of the reasons for the fintech revolution was to break out from the legacy of traditional banking and remove the rigidity of financial institutions.

However, to achieve a truly nimble service for customers and end users, the well-worn swan analogy comes to mind: even though everything seems calm on the surface, underwater there are several moving parts that execute such an elegant movement.

Nevertheless I have seen first-hand how some…

We spoke to Samir El-Sabini, CEO, at Juni to understand their journey, the reality of running a business during COVID-19, and what they see as the future of fintech.

Traditional banks are slow, don’t understand their customers and can often become a big business roadblock. We believe that your financial partner should enable the customer to scale & improve their business - in more ways than just supplying payment cards and accounts to store funds.

So in the summer of 2020 Anders Orsedal (CTO) and Jonathan Sanders (COO) and Myself set up Juni.

Our main audience are ecommerce brands &…

By Heather Ribbans, Head of Partnership Sales, Railsbank.

The financial services sector is entering another decade of massive transformation. With a new wave of fintechs coming, we are seeing a multitude of alternative payment trends such as open banking, crypto, mobile payments and wearables embedded into a variety of industry sectors, whether this is to streamline operational processes, enhance an existing offering or introduce a new payment product, gaining momentum and traction.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had probably one of the biggest impacts we have ever witnessed on the payments space, accelerating the transition towards a “fully” digital payments landscape…

Railsbank has joined forces with Wise and many other financial institutions, through the Accept my IBAN initiative; to draw attention to how serious an issue IBAN discrimination remains to be.

According to European law, any IBAN issued in an EU Member State needs to be accepted in all Member States — IBAN discrimination is when payment is refused because the bank account is held in another European country.

For example, you’re a British ex-pat living in Spain, and you wish to join a gym. But the gym will not accept your British IBAN code, which would look like GBXX XXXX…

This week we spoke to Bhavin Vaghela, Global Head of Strategic Partnerships at RationalFX to understand their journey, the reality of running a business during COVID-19, and what they see as the future of fintech.

We were formed in 2005 with just a laptop and $3,000 by Rajesh Agrawal, now Deputy Mayor of London for Business, and Paresh Davdra. They built the company with a simple mission in mind — to help our clients, whether they’re businesses or individuals, transfer money abroad in a simple, rational and cost effective way.

As a company, we’ve accomplished many things that we are…

This week we spoke to Dima Pimakhov, Founder & CEO at GoSolo, to understand their journey, the reality of running a business during COVID-19, and what they see as the future of fintech.

GoSolo was “dreamed up” in 2019 as a go-to toolkit for small business owners to plan, launch and operate their businesses. We spent a year doing research designing the Demo App and speaking to potential customers of GoSolo before we commenced the development of the Live App in the summer of 2020.

The fantastic team behind the creation of GoSolo has been operating together as a unit…

By Frances Fricker, Fintech Solutions, Railsbank.

Here’s the thing. Discussions around mental health, once an uncomfortable topic, have now been thrown under a magnifying glass and for a very good reason. Safe to say that most people have questioned their mental health at some point over the last year, I know I have.

And these worries manifest themselves in many ways. Metro‘s Mentally Yours podcast and Toluna surveyed 1,000 people and reported an alarming 77% of British residents said they have felt stressed about money. …


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