This week, we sat down with some of the ladies leading the way at Railsbank, to discuss the challenges of returning to work after an extended break and to hear some top tips!

What struggles did you face when you began the process of returning to work?

Karine :


by Tiburcio Sanz, Head of Fintech Solutions at Railsbank

Cuando pensamos en Banking as a Service, inmediatamente nos remitimos a compañías ágiles capaces de ofrecer soluciones dinámicas que generan experiencias únicas para sus usuarios.

Algunas de las razones de la revolución fintech fueron las ideas de romper con la burocracia…

by Tiburcio Sanz, Head of Fintech Solutions at Railsbank

When we hear about Banking-as-a-Service, we immediately think of agile companies offering nimble solutions and continuously developing tailored user experiences.

One of the reasons for the fintech revolution was to break out from the legacy of traditional banking and remove the…

We spoke to Samir El-Sabini, CEO, at Juni to understand their journey, the reality of running a business during COVID-19, and what they see as the future of fintech.

When was Juni set up, and who was involved?

Traditional banks are slow, don’t understand their customers and can often become a big business roadblock. We believe that your financial…

By Heather Ribbans, Head of Partnership Sales, Railsbank.

The financial services sector is entering another decade of massive transformation. With a new wave of fintechs coming, we are seeing a multitude of alternative payment trends such as open banking, crypto, mobile payments and wearables embedded into a variety of industry…


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